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Vladimir Shergin

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Researcher of SAO's Informatics Laboratory

  • Address:
    SAO , Nizhniy Arkhyz,
    Zelenchukskij region,
    Karachaj-Cherkessian Republic,
    Russia, 369167
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  • Phones:
    +7 87878-46220 - Informatics Laboratory
    +7 87822-93324-(2sec)-103 - workplace
    +7 87822-93331 - office
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    BTA TCS Web-interfaces   and   Zeiss-1000 TCS Web-interfaces
    BTA and Zeiss-1000    TV-cameras
    BTA-mini_2 BTA-guide@N2 Zeiss-mini_1 Zeiss-mini_2 Zeiss-Atik-camera
    presentation by means of our version of webcam program.
    Our Sony-PCS Videoconference transmission to Internet
    First video-stream: Main SAO's conference hall. new
    Second video-stream: Informatics Laboratory conference hall. new

    Axis Logo Our Axis 2130 networked TV-camera Axis2130 Image and Axis2400 Image our Axis 2400 VideoServer.
    My desktop computer WebCams USB-camera  USB-camera@bounty 
    Terra Mini My meteo links (satellite maps, forecasts, graphs & etc.)

    new My FITS/WCS Fixer Web-interfaces.
    Web-access to the software tools (originally developed for SAO RAS Observation Archive),
    for matching of catalogue stars with the FITS-images, to make (or to correct) WCS-parameters in their FITS-headers.
    Description(Russian): [HTML] [PDF]
    Server name
    Access from Internet
    from Internet --- --- ---
    Common access
    from Internet --- ---
    Local access
    Login for
    local users ---
    common access

    GCN for SAO's observers.
    GCN/TAN last events history new
    (GRB and some other events)
    GCN/TAN client software was designed for quick sending coordinates of GRB-events to SAO's telescopes. Development was made with a Python-based package pygcn.
    Description(Russian): [HTML] [PDF]
    Description(English): Google translation.
    Archive: [Zip] [TGZ]

    Descriptions of software for Zeiss-1000 observers (Russian).

  • Common description of Zeiss-1000 new TCS software.
  • Administrative subsystem. Web-interface for Zeiss-1000 administrator.
  • ZeissGUI main interface for observers and service engineers.
  • New opportunities for observations at Zeiss-1000.
  • new The set of descriptions and examples of programming calls to TCS Zeiss-1000 in Python and Shell
        [ZIP]  [TGZ].

  • Manuals for some of my programs for BTA observers (Russian).

  • BTA Display/Control Client panel Manual:
    HTML [ PS-version].
  • Telescope coordinates I/O panel Manual:
    HTML [ PS-version].
  • VS56/VS60 TV-channels Manual:
    HTML [ PS-version] [ plain (KOI8) text].
  • Program TVguide for BTA autoguiding on VS56/VS60 TV-images:
    Brief abstract - HTML [PS-version]
    Users Manual - HTML [PS-version]
  • BTA control software for Linux:
    HTML [ PS-version].
  • Telescope operator interface for Linux-based BTA TCS software:
    HTML [ PS ] [ PDF ].
  • Short decryption of BTA CAN-bus networked software architecture:
    HTML [ PS ] [ PDF ].
  • Temporary manual for A/Z SEW-drives CAN-bus control software:
    HTML [ PS ] [ PDF ].
  • BTA Nasmith2 local corrector of object position (local guide):
    HTML [ PS-version] [ PDF],
    presentation: [OpenOffice] [PowerPoint].

  • Some of my papers for BTA instrument system automation project (Russian)

    (in progress)
  • The base of networked parameters and commands exchange   [OpenOffice]    [PDF]
  • N2 devices control panel (users GUI)   [OpenOffice]    [PDF]
  • N2 devices networked driver   [OpenOffice]    [PDF]
  • Automation crate low-level driver   [OpenOffice]    [PDF]
  • Automation crate test panel (engineers GUI)   [OpenOffice]    [PDF]

  • Annual reports (Russian/KOI8)

  • 1996 [PS]
  • 1997
  • 1998 [PS]
  • 1999 [PS]
  • 2000 [PS]
  • 2001 [PS]
  • 2002: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [OpenOffice], [MSWord]
  • 2003: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [OpenOffice], [MSWord]
  • 2004: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [StarOffice], [MSWord]
  • 2005: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [StarOffice], [MSWord]
  • 2006: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [OpenDocument], [MSWord]
  • 2007: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [OpenDocument], [MSWord]
  • 2008: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [OpenDocument], [MSWord]
  • 2009: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [OpenDocument], [MSWord]
  • 2010: source LATEX and export to [HTML], [PDF], [PS], [OpenDocument], [MSWord]
  • 2011: source OpenDocument and export to [HTML], [PDF], [MSWord]
  • 2012: source OpenDocument and export to [HTML], [PDF], [MSWord]
  • 2013: source OpenDocument and export to [HTML], [PDF], [MSWord]
  • 2014: source HTML and export to [PDF], [MSWord], [ODT]
  • 2015: source HTML and export to [PDF]
  • 2016: source HTML and export to [PDF]
  • 2017: source HTML and export to [PDF]
  • 2018: source HTML and export to [PDF]
  • 2019: source HTML and export to [PDF]
  • 2020: source HTML and export to [PDF]
  • 2021: source HTML and export to [PDF] new

  • Misc:
  • the whole TCS BTA Web-site (Russian!) or only humidity graph from it.
  • English-Russian dictionary from my desktop computer.
  • Formula calculator from BTA server computer (

  • Archive

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