Nizhnij Arkhiz, September 28 -  October 2, 2006.












Area Information.

The Special Astrophysical Observatory  is located on the western part of Northern Caucasus in Karachaevo-Circassian Republic of Russian Federation. The administrative centre, the library, scientific laboratories, computer center, hotel and apartment houses of an observatory are located in the settlement Nizhnij Arkhiz, which is situated in 25 kms to the south from a village Zelenchukskaya. The Nizhnij Arkhiz is located in a valley of the river Bolshoj Zelenchuk at the altitude of 1300 m above sea level. The optical observation station of the observatory is located in 17 kms from a settlement on slopes of the mountain Pastuhova at the altitude of 2100 m in a zone of alpine meadows. SAO has the largest in Europe optical telescope  with the 6-meters diameter  mirror (Large Telescope Alt-Azimuthal – “BTA”), and also small telescopes with diameters of  mirrors of 1 and 0.6 meters.

 The RATAN-600 radio telescope is located in 25 kms from the Academgorodok, on the southern surburb of the village Zelenchukskaya. It has an original design as the antenna with a variable  profile of the reflecting surface, made in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 600 m.  In this class of radio telescopes RATAN-600 is the largest tool in the world. Between RATAN-600 and Bukovo, a large parabolic mirror of IPA with 32 m of diameter is located.

During the conference, excursions to all the listed astronomical telescopes  will be organized.


It is possible to reach the Nizhnij Arkhiz by a bus (or car). The asphalted highway links it to Krasnodar (320 kms), Nevinnomyssk (130 kms), Stavropol (200 kms), Cherkessk (100 kms) and Mineralnye Vody (210 kms). SAO RAS will organize the delivery and departure of participants of the conference using the observatory’s buses and cars. It is desirable to come on conference by the following types of transport:

1. By train. The place of arrival is the station Nevinnomyskaya. .

From the Moscow (“Kasansky” railway station).

The train number 3 is departured from the Moscow at 8:30 a.m. each day,  and  arrived to Nevinnomyskaya station in the next morning at 8:25 a.m.

From the Saint Petersburg (the “Moscovsky” railway station).

The train  number 49 is departured at 4:30 p.m., and arrived in two

nights at 8:40 a.m. to Nevinomysskaya station.


The climate is soft: warm summer, wonderful autumn and mild winter. Average daily temperatures: in the winter –4 degrees centigrade, in the summer - +12 degrees centigrade. The best season is autumn when there is a fine weather, the sky is extraordinary transparent, and mountain landscapes are magnificent. Excursion to mountains is planned, therefore it is necessary for interested persons to take with you an easy sporting costume and running shoes. A weather at this time of year usually is clear without rains.

Temperature of the air in the afternoon is 20-25 degrees, but in the evenings it is cool, and the temperature of the air lowers below 10 degrees centigrade.


The settlement of astronomers is located in a picturesque place, in a beechen wood in root of Pastuhova mountain. In 2 kms from a settlement the historical - architectural complex Nizhne-Arhyzsky  is located, with  a medieval site of ancient settlement (presumably the capital of the Western Alania) and temples of X century - the most ancient Christian monuments in Russia. In 25 kms upwards on a valley of the river Bolshoy Zelenchuk one of centers of mountaineering on Caucasus - the mountain area Arkhyz is located . And in 100 kms to the east - in territory of the Conservation area “Teberdinsky Zapovednik” - mountain resorts Teberda and Dombai are located.  


In the observatory in  Nizhnij Arhyz there are two hotels. Lower hotel "Rest house for astronomers" is located in a settlement in one complex with a main office building. There are 36 comfortable rooms in this hotel. In the same building a dining room is located. Upper hotel "Andromeda" is located at the altitude of 2000 meters, near to optical telescopes. In the hotel with 12 rooms, there is a cosy hall with a fireplace, seats and little tables for rest, conversations and helding of celebratory parties. Through the windows of the hotel wonderful views on mountain ranges and valleys is seen. At the RATAN-600 there is a hotel also, with comfortable roomss of  different level. There are  10 rooms in the hotel and the hostel for observers with 6 rooms.

Halls for helding the conference.

 During the conference period it is supposed to conduct a public meeting of the section "Sun" with discussion of results of the researches made in 2005.


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