Diagnosing and reporting problems

  1. How do I report problems I've encountered using NEdit ?

1. How do I report problems I've encountered using NEdit ?

If you have a problem which is not covered in the on-line help, in this FAQ, or in the README file specific to your system, you can report it to discuss@nedit.org (usage questions) or, develop@nedit.org (error reports). Note that these lists only allow members to post, and if you are not a member, your post will probably de delayed in reaching the list. Alternatively you can use the bug tracker on Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/nedit/) to report bugs and make feature requests. Below are some suggestions for information you can provide to help in diagnosing your problem.

Because NEdit runs on a large number of different platforms and environments, many problems are platform-specific. It's always helpful to know what kind of system it's being run on. Sometimes, strange behavior can also be traced to the X server software or window manager, so you may want to include information on these as well.

The origin of the NEdit executable is often important, particularly, whether it came from the NEdit site (http://www.nedit.org), was built locally, or came from some other ftp server or freeware distribution CD. Despite the fact that Motif appears on almost all Unix platforms, the Motif libraries still vary from one machine to another. Be sure to mention whether you're using Lesstif or Motif. As of version 5.2 a summary with build information is present under 'Version' in the Help menu.

If you are having configuration or appearance problems, you should probably look at the output from the command:

   appres NEdit nedit

The appres command will show you the resources that NEdit actually sees when it runs, including "stray" resources intended for other programs but not properly qualified by the program name. It will also give you a final objective check as to whether resource settings that you have made are actually readable by NEdit.

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