Where to get information

  1. Where can I get information about NEdit?
  2. Are there any mailing lists for NEdit users?
  3. Where can I get binaries / executables for machines other than those available at NEdit site?
  4. What can I contribute?

1. Where can I get information about NEdit?

The NEdit web page is at:


and it is mirrored in Australia at:


The primary ftp site for NEdit is:


which has a mirror in The Netherlands:


The NEdit ftp site has executables for most Unix and VMS systems, sources, documentation, and contributed software.

The first and easiest place to look for help with NEdit is the NEdit Help menu. The bottom item in the menu (Problems/Bugs) has answers to the most commonly asked questions about NEdit, which are not duplicated here. Also check the platform specific information in the README file packaged in the NEdit distribution kits.

If you have a problem that you really can't figure out, send mail to discuss@nedit.org, and see if anyone else might be having the same trouble. The nedit developers also subscribe to this list, and hopefully someone will be able to answer your question. If you are a Silicon Graphics user and NEdit came bundled on your system, you can also contact SGI's technical support.

2. Are there any mailing lists for NEdit users?

There are two separate mailing lists for nedit users, and one for developers. Users may post to the developer mailing list to report bugs and communicate with the nedit developers.

The lists are:

Please note that only subscribers can send mail to the list.

The nedit developers subscribe to both discuss@nedit.org and develop@nedit.org, either of which may be used for reporting bugs. If you're not sure, or you think the report might be of interest to the general nedit user community, send the report to discuss@nedit.org. If it's something obvious and boring, like we misspelled "anemometer" in the on-line help, send it to develop@nedit.org.

Please do not cross post to both lists!

In order to subscribe to a list, send mail to majordomo@nedit.org with one or more of the following in the body of the message:

    subscribe announce
    subscribe discuss
    subscribe develop

To unsubscribe do the same with the keyword unsubscribe.

    unsubscribe announce
    unsubscribe discuss
    unsubscribe develop

After subscribing, you will receive copies of all of the email submitted to the lists. You may submit mail to the discussion list by sending it to the appropriate list: discuss@nedit.org, develop@nedit.org or announce@nedit.org.

The archives of the old mailing lists (nedit_discuss@fnal_gov and nedit_announce@fnal.gov) can be found on egroups.com:

For more information about the mailing lists, refer to the mailing lists section in the NEdit site.

3. Where can I get binaries / executables for machines other than those available at NEdit site?

In past versions, we separated "supported" and "unsupported" executables and divided them between the binary and contrib directories. With more supported systems, you're less likely to find executables in the contrib directory, but it's worth a peek, anyhow. If you can't find anything appropriate, you can try asking in a usenet news group appropriate to your system. Other places to try are, the discuss@nedit.org mailing list, or news:comp.windows.x.apps or news:comp.editors.

4. What can I contribute?

If you use and enjoy NEdit, and feel like giving something back to the NEdit user community, contact develop@nedit.org. If you have ported NEdit to a new machine, written a useful set of macros, or would like to contribute to an ongoing development project, we'd love to hear from you.

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