Spiral-Vortex Structures of Galaxies

Some results

Galaxies which were observed in the project

Location of vortex centers

Laboratory simulations

Line-of-sight velocity field of NGC 157

Vortex structure of NGC 157

Vortex structure of our Galaxy


Line-of-sight velocity fields of gas with high precision and resolution are planned to be obtained for the sample of galaxies with regular spiral structure to reveal systematic deviation from circular rotation and to analyze it on the base of hydrodynamical models, which are in progress. Observations will be performed by 3D-spectroscopy method at 6-meter telescope of Special Astrophysical Observatory RAS.

The special attention will be paid to the search and study of new structure --- large-scale vortices --- related to spiral arms. The structure was lately discovered by our team in some galaxies.

Using the new method based on the Fourier analysis of the line-of-sight velocity field allows to determine such fundamental properties as pattern speed of spiral arms and locations of resonances.

Besides regions of local deviations from circular rotation at scales from hundreds parsecs to a few kiloparsecs will be recognized, and some efforts to explain them will be undertaken.

Taking into account local and systematic deviations from the circular rotation, one can restore the shape of equilibrium rotation curve and construct a model of mass distribution in galaxies.

The investigation proposed makes possible to advance in understanding the nature of galactic structures and the ways they form.

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