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Astronomical schools in SAO RAS

Atronomical schools, carried out in the Special astrophysical observatory , is one of ways to involve young people into scientific researches. Therefore, the observatory supports educational events, occured in the SAO, including oastronomical and astrophysical schools, lectures and excursions at the SAO's telescopes.

Here are some recent schools:
2010 - The XIII Autumn astronomical school in Nizhnij Arkhyz .
2011 - The 7th school of modernt astrophysics, "Observational and Theoretical Cosmology"
2014 - The XIV Autumn astronomical school in Nizhnij Arkhyz
2016 - The 1st Astrophysical school "Traektoria" of the "Traektoria" Foundation
Some facts of the history of SAO's schools and olympiads can be found here .

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(Oleg Verkhodanov)