List of registered reports for the Conference
"Magnetic Stars"

Special Astrophysical Observatory of the RAS,
Nizhnij Arkhyz, August 27 - September 1, 2010

List of talks and posters.

Invited talks

  1. Gnedin Yu.N. Theory of polarized radiation from accretion disks: the modern state of the problem.
  2. Hubrig S., Schöller M., Kharchenko N., Ilyin I. et al. The evolution of magnetic fields in OB-type stars from the study of open clusters of different ages.
  3. Landstreet J.D. Main sequence evolution of Ap stars deduced from open cluster Aps.
  4. Mikulášek Z. Magnetic CP stars with unsteady periods.
  5. Romanyuk I.I. First magnetic stars: new wine in an old bottle.
  6. Ryabchikova T., LeBlanc F., Shulyak D. Modelling the Ap stars atmospheres.
  7. Sokoloff D. D. Stellar and solar dynamos in context of stellar activity observations.
  8. Stępień K. A different look at the cool contact binaries.
  9. Wade G. A. The MiMeS Project: Magnetism in Massive Stars.

Oral talks

  1. Aliev S. G. Определение радиусов у магнитных CP-звезд B4-F0.
  2. Balega Y. Leushin V., Weigelt G. Magnetic braking of θ1 Ori C main component.
  3. Bochkarev N.G., Karitskaya E.A. Some precautions in the weak magnetic field measurements in the objects showing linear polarization.
  4. Dodin A., Lamzin S.A., Chountonov G.A. Магнитное поле молодой звезды RW Aur.
  5. Drake N., Hensberge H., Ryabchikova T.A., Jilinski E.G., Ortega V.G., de la Reza R., Bazzanella B. Spectroscopic and photometric analysis of the young SrCrEu Ap star HD 158450.
  6. Hubrig S., Schöller M., Ilyin I., Curté M. et al. Magnetic fields of Herbig Ae/Be stars.
  7. Hubrig S., Ilyin I., Savanov I., Korhonen H. Magnetic fields and dynamical evolution of chemical spots on the surface of HgMn stars.
  8. Joshi S. Time-Resolved Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of HD 103498.
  9. Janík J. mCPod - three years after.
  10. Karitskaya E.A., Bochkarev N.G., Hubrig S., Gnedin Yu.N., Pogodin M.A., Yudin R.V., Agafonov M.I., Sharova O.I. About the Magnetic Field in the X-Ray Binary System Cyg X-1.
  11. Kholtygin A.F., Igoshev A.P., Fabrika S.N. Statistics of magnetic fluxes of massive stars and enigma of origin of neutron stars magnetic fields.
  12. Kholtygin A.F., Fabrika S.N., Drake N.A. Statistics and evolution of stellar magnetic fields and magnetic fluxes.
  13. Kudryavtsev D., Romanyuk I. Magnetic field measurements of CP stars from hydrogen line cores.
  14. Mashonkina L.I. A non-LTE study of neutral and singly-ionized iron in stellar atmospheres.
  15. Monin D. Spectropolarimetry with the DAO 1.8-m telescope.
  16. Piotrovich M.Y., Gnedin Y.N., Natsvlishvili T.M., Buliga S.D. Magnetic Fields of Stars with Strong Outflows: Testing by Polarimetry.
  17. Pogodin M.A., Drake N.A., Jilinski E.G., Ortega V.G., de la Reza R. Spectral variability of the Be star HD152478: evidence for a magnetized stellar wind?.
  18. Sachkov M., Hereter M., Ryabchikova T., et al. Pulsations in the atmosphere of rapidly oscillating Ap star 33 Lib.
  19. Semenko E., Rastegaev D., et al. Binaries among magnetic CP stars: some observational results.
  20. Shulyak D., Reiners A., Wende S., Kochukhov O., Piskunov N., Seifahrt A. Magnetic fields of M-dwarfs from the molecular and atomic diagnostics.
  21. Sokolov N. Specrophotometric variability of the magnetic CP star α2 CVn.
  22. Sokolov N. Variations of intensity of large features and spectral lines in α2 CVn.
  23. Tsiopa O., Gnedin Yu.N., Kharinov M.A., Finkelshtein A.M., Ipatov A.B., Lavrov A.S. The precursor of GRB 080319B.
  24. Valyavin G., Wade G.A., Bagnulo S., et al. First observational evidences for the presence of active, localized magnetic structures in white dwarfs.
  25. Wade G.A. et al.Magnetospheres of OB stars from the MiMeS Project.
  26. Yakunin I.A., Chountonov G.A, Romanyuk I.I. Linear polarization of HD 37776.
  27. Zvěřina P.Data recognition and virtual JD.


  1. Aliev S.G. Определение фундаментальных параметров Teff и lg g у разных типов магнитных CP-звезд с учетом пятнистости.
  2. Boiko S. Проверка точности экспериментальных сил осцилляторов линий Ti II по наблюдаемым спектрам звезд.
  3. Bychkov V.D., Bychkova L.V., Madej J. Magnetism of stars.
  4. Bychkov V.D., Bychkova L.V., Madej J. Variability of magnetic fields of stars.
  5. Bychkov V.D., Bychkova L.V., Madej J., Shatilov A.V. Magnetic variability of the Ap star HD 9996.
  6. Cherny O. О механизмах генерации магнитных полей.
  7. Chountonov G.A., Dushin V.V., Kholtygin A.F. Line profile variations and magnetic field of z Ori A.
  8. Chountonov G.A. Observations of fast rotating magnetic He-r star HD 182180 at the 6-m Telescope.
  9. Cowley C.R., Hubrig S., González J.F. A new look at the spectrum of α Centauri.
  10. Cowley C.R., Hubrig S., Savanov I., González J.F. The lambda-Boo-like Herbig Ae star HD 101412.
  11. Glagolevskij Yu.V., Gerth E. The structure of magnetic fields of 50 CP- stars.
  12. Glagolevskij Yu.V., Shavrina A.V., Chountonov G.A. Is He-w HD182255 non-stationary star?.
  13. Glagolevskij Yu.V. About dependence between the rotation and a magnetic field..
  14. Hubrig S., Cowley C.R., Schöller M. et al. The exceptional Herbig Ae star HD 101412.
  15. Hubrig S., Ilyin I., Schöller M., Morel T., Briquet M. Magnetic fields of hot pulsating stars.
  16. Korhonen H., González J.F., Briquet M., Hubrig S. Fast dynamical spot evolution in HgMn star HD11753.
  17. Кос Е.С., Скульский М.Ю. О динамике околозвездных газовых структур и магнитном поле β Lyr.
  18. Nuñez N., González J.F., Hubrig S. A search for spectral variability in 25 single HgMn stars.
  19. Polosukhina N., Shavrina T., Drake N., Kudryavtsev D. Smirnova M. New results of the spectral observations of CPstars in the Li I 6708Å spectral region with BTA telescope of SAO RAS.
  20. Schöller M., Coreia S., Hubrig S., Ageorges N. Multiplicity of HgMn stars.
  21. Schöller M., Coreia S., Hubrig S., Kurtz D. Multiplicity of roAp stars.
  22. Shavrina T., Polosukhina N., Lyashko D., Nesvacil N., Kudryavtsev D., Smirnova M. Lithium and isotopic ratio Li6/Li7 in magnetic roAp stars as indicator of active processes.
  23. Zverko J., Žižňovský J., Iliev I.Kh., Barzova I., Romanyuk I.I., Kudryavtsev D.O., Semenko E.A. Stars with discrepant vsin i as derived from the Ca II 3933 and Mg II 4481 Å lines.