MAESTRO optical scheme

MAESTRO designed by F.A.Musaev. Spectrometer and CCD camera attached to the 2 metre "Karl-Zeiss-Jena" telescope of the Observatory on peak Terskol (3100 m, Northern Caucasus). The diameter of collimator beam is 200 mm. The accessible spectral range is ~3500 - ~10200 AA. The CCD camera and the data handling system, developed at SAO, consist of front-illuminated CCD device of 1024x1024 pixels (pixel size 16x16 mkm) inside a dewar, an electronic controller-interface and a IBM PC computer. MAESTRO offers different operational modes:

In picture (see below) seen the fragment of Solar spectrum obtained in dufferent observational modes and with different observational conditions (the depth of telluric lines (O2) are unequal).

Solar spectrum in modes: R=45000, R=90000, R=190000


The analysis of CCD data performed on the IBM PC compatible computers (AT386+) using the image and spectra processing system DECH developed by Galazutdinov G.A. (Special Astrophysical Observatory, Preprint #92, 1992). This system permits us to realize all the steps in echelle-spectra processing - dark current and background substraction, one-dimensional spectra extraction (particularly, by using the "optimal extraction" method (K. Horne, 1986, PASP, V.98, P.609), flat-field corrections, wavelength calibration, continuum placement and rectification, line identification, equivalent widths and radial velocity measuremnts. The system operates under MS-DOS and can be used with portable computer.