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Data on the Objects "NGC 55-dw1"

Name R.A. Decl. Vh Bt
NGC 55-dw1 00 15 29.8 -38 25 08   19.40

NGC 55-dw1
DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys

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Object Names
NGC 55-dw1

aHolm b/a ABG mFUV BT m Ks m21 W50 T Tdw Vh D Method
10.40 0.44 0.06 19.40 15.20B   -2 Sph-XL  2.20 TRGB

A26 i Vm ABi MB SBB log LK log M26 log MHI VLG Θ1 Θ5 Θj MD
6.53 90   0.00 -7.37 33.02 5.90              

  Flux lg[SFR],
[Msun yr-1]

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