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Data base on the Local Volume Objects
AGC102728 UGC12894 PGC000083 WLM And XVIII PAndAS-03 PAndAS-04 PAndAS-05
ESO409-015 AGC748778 And XX UGC00064 ESO349-031 dw0009-25 NGC0024 Dw0010-0112
dw0010-25 NGC0045 PiscesA NGC0055 NGC0059 NGC 55-dw1 ESO410-005 LV J0015-3825
And XIX IC0010 JKB129 And XXVI Sc22 Cetus ESO294-010 UGC00288
And XXV ESO473-024 NGC0147 ScuSR And III Cas III dw0036-2828 And XXX
DDO226 And I And XI DoIV DoII NGC0247 And XII NGC0253
Scl-MM-Dw1 NGC253-SNFC-dw1 KDG002 DDO006 Scl-MM-Dw2 ESO540-032 Scl-MM-Dw5 Bol520
And XIV And XIII SMC And IX Scl-MM-Dw4 NGC0300 LV J0055-2310 PAndAS-48
And XVI Sculptor PAndAS-50 LGS 3 IC1613 And X UGC00685 KKH5
PAndAS-C02 AM0106-382 DoIII NGC0404 And V DoI And XV And II
And XXIV PiscesB PAndAS-55 Triangulum III PAndAS-56 And XXII PAndAS-57 UGC01056
PAndAS-58 And XXIII UGC01085 UGC01104 AGC112454 MESSIER033 dw0133+1543 dw0134+1544
AGC114027 KKH6 NGC0625 dw0136+1628 NGC628dwB NGC0628 NGC628dwA dw0137+1607
AGC112503 UGC01171 dw0139+1433 DDO013 AGC112521 KK13 KDG010 Dw0143+1338
KK14 ESO245-005 JKB142 KK15 N672dwB N672dwA IC1727 NGC0672
UGC01281 Dw0149+3237 Phoenix KK16 Dw0158+3018 KK17 NGC0784 UGC01561
Cetus III Cas1 UGC01703 Triangulum II NGC0855 Dw0214+2836 Dw0218+2813 Segue 2
SMDG0220-00 [TT2009] 25 UGC01807 NGC0891 Eridanus 3 [TT2009] 30 SMDG0223-02 KKH11
[KK2000] 03 DDO019 d0226+3325 NGC0925 Halogas KKH12 Hydrus 1 dw DDO022
DDO025 DDO024 MB1 Maffei1 ESO115-021 Fornax Maffei2 UGC02172
AGC122226 AGC124635 AGC123352 [KKS2000]05 Dw2 Horologium 1 PGC2807172 MB3
ESO154-023 Dw1 AGC124056 ESO199-007 GALFA Dw3 NGC1156 N1156dw1 N1156dw2
LV J0300+2546 Perseus I dw0301+2446 KKH18 PGC1166738 N1291-DW9 ESO300-014 ESO300-016
N1291-DW11 N1291-DW2 Horologium 2 N1291-DW8 NGC1291 N1291-DW3 N1291-DW5 NGC1313
N1291-DW6 N1291-DW12 N1291-DW1 N1291-DW15 N1291-DW4 NGC1311 UGC02684 N1291-DW13
KK27 [KK2000] 08 ESO301-010 UGC02716 N1291-DW10 UGC02773 IC1959 Reticulum 2
PGC013294 PGC712531 NGC1400 PGC681755 Eridanus 2 KKH22 KK35 IC0342
UGC02905 UGCA086 IC2038 NGC1533 ESO359-024 ESO483-013 CamA NGC1592
NGC1569 UGCA092 NGC1560 NGC1637 Pictoris 1 CamB NGC1705 HIPASS J0457-42
MKT J045920.2-252959 NGC1744 ESO486-021 NGC1800 UGCA105 HIPASS J0517-32 KKH30 LMC
UGC03303 ESO553-046 Columbia I KK49 Orion GALFA Dw4 A0554+07 KKH34
ESO364-029 HIPASS J0607-34 NGC2188 ESO121-020 LV J0616-5745 UGCA127sat UGCA127 WHI B0619-07
N2146sat ESO489-056 HIPASS J0630+08 UGC03475 UGC03476 ESO490-017 CGMW1-260 UGC03501
KK55 Carina IC2171 Pictor II NGC2283 KKSG9 KKH37 KKH38
UGC03600 HIZSS003B HIZSS003 FG202 HIPASS J0705-20 ESO558-011 NGC2337dwTBG1 UGC03698
NGC2337 UGC03755 UGC03817 HIZSS008 DDO043 NGC2366 HIZSS012 ESO059-001
DDO044 AGC174585 HIZSS014 Carina II NGC2403 LV J0737+4724 Carina III SMDG0740+40
DDO046 PGC21597 DDO047 KK65 MADCASH J0742+65dw HIZSS021 KKH40 CGCG 262-028
AGC174605 UGC04115 HIZOA J0800-36 HIPASS J0801-21 NGC2500 HIZSS033 LV J0812+4836 NGC2537
IC2233 NGC2541 HolmII NGC2552 ESO006-001 ESO495-008 AGC188955 KDG052
KUG 0821+321 CGMW2-3473 Dw0827+6452 DDO052 LV J0831+4104 DDO053 ESO495-021 UGC04483
AGC181604 LV J0843+4025 dw0846+3300 dw0846+3348 dw0848+3226 ESO496-010 AGC182595 UMa II
Dw0852-0210 NGC2683 KK69 NGC2683dw1 N2683dw2 dw0855+3336 KK70 dw0856+3155
KSP-DW1 KSP-DW3 KSP-DW4 UGC04704 LV J0859+3923 PGC025409 LSBC D564-08 ESO497-004
KSP-DW6 HIPASS J0905-36 UGC04787 KKH46 KSP-DW11 LSBC D634-03 KSP-DW12 KK71
DDO056 KSP-DW13 Dw0910+7326 KSP-DW14 Dw0910+6942 KSP-DW15 KSP-DW16 KSP-DW17
KSP-DW18 KK72 NGC2784 dw01 NGC2784 KK73 UGCA153 LV J0913+1937 KK74
KSP-DW20 KSP-DW21 AGC198507A AGC198507 KSP-DW23 UGC04879 KSP-DW24 Dw0916+6944
HIPASS J0916-23b KSP-DW28 NGC2835 Dw0918+6935 Dw0919+6932 UGC04918 NGC2787 LSBC D565-06
Dw0919+6955 UGC04932 Dw0920+6924 KSP-DW30 Dw0920+7017 KJ78 DDO062 AGC198508
ESO565-003 MCG +09-16-010 LeoK UGC04998 LV J0926+3343 NGC2915 [CKT2009]d0926+70 Dw0927+6818
UGC05047 dw0929+2213 KDG056 NGC2903-HI-1 NGC2903 dw0932+1952 ESO373-007 UGC05086
LSBC D565-09 ESO373-008 [CKT2009]d0934+70 CGCG 035-007 LeoT LV J0935-1348 Antlia 2 dw0936+2135
[CKT2009]d0939+71 LV J0939-2507 KISSB023 KUG 0937+480 KDG058 HolmI UGC05186 AGC198691
LV J0944-2254 [CKT2009]d0944+69 [CKT2009]d0944+71 IC0559 F8D1 UGC05209 FM1 RKK1610
NGC2976 AGC191803 Antlia B KK77 KK78 DDO064 UGC05288 NGC3037
BK3N M81-dw J0954+6821 LV J0954+3620 KKSG15 [CKT2009]d0955+70 MESSIER081 JKB83 MESSIER082
SMDG0956+82 LV J0956-0929 DDO068C DDO068 Dw0956-0523 KDG061 KDG61em PGC154449
ClumpI A0952+69 HolmIX PGC28789 Dw0958-0834 AGC718245 Dw0958-0610 [CKT2009]d0958+66
AGC198712 LeoA [CKT2009]d0959+68 KKSG16 SexB dw1000-0741 dw1000-0821 KKH57
LV J1000+5022 LV J1000+3032 ClumpIII dw1000-0831 MCG -01-26-009 KKSG17 dw1002-0818 UGCA193
dw1002-0642 NGC3109 NGC3077 GARLAND ESO499-038 NGC3104 dw1004-0737 Antlia
dw1004-0657 BK5N UGC05427 KDG063 NGC3115 UGC05423 d1005+68 KDG065
KKSG18 dw1006-0730 dw1006-0732 dw1006-0730-n2 Dw1006-0828 [CKT2009]d1006+67 d1006+69 KDG064
Segue 1 dw1007-0835 UGC05456 dw1007-0715 KKH58 dw1007-0830 IKN LeoI
d1009+68 AGC208477 PGC1099440 [CKT2009]d1009+70 SexA Dw1012+4259 UGC05497 SexDSph
[CKT2009]d1014+68 [CKT2009]d1015+69 KUG 1013+414 SMDG1017-05 LV J1017+2922 NGC3184 LV J1018+4109 PGC30114
UGC05571 HIJASS J1021+6842 HS117 LV J1021+0054 LeoP AGC731448 KKSG19 NGC3239
Sextans II DDO078 UGC05672 IC2574 LV J1028+4240 [CKT2009]d1028+70 AGC749315 DDO082
LV J1030+0607 AGC731457 NGC3274 Dw1033+1213 BK6N UMa I AGC202248 PGC2277751
ESO501-023 LeG03 KUG 1033+366B NGC3299 DDO083 AGC205165 dw1037+09 Dw1038+1158
AGC200499 AGC208397 UGC05797 LeG04 LeG05 LeG06 AGC208399 UGC05812
[CKT2009]d1041+70 FS04 dw1042+2415 LeG09 DDO084 N3344dw1 dw1042+1359 dw1043+1410
ESO376-016 NGC3344 dw1043+1415 LeG10 NGC3351 LeG11 LeG12 dw1044+1359
AGC205445 dw1044+1351 LeG13 dw1045+2427 dw1045+14b dw1045+16 dw1045+13 LeG14
KK93 LeG16 LeG17 NGC3368 dw1046+1244 LeG18 LeG19 KK94
dw1047+16 LeG21 dw1047+1153 NGC3368dwTBG M96-DF7 DDO088 M96-DF2 ESO318-013
dw1047+1258 NGC3377 BST1047+1156 NGC3379 M96-DF1 NGC3384 dw1048+1121 dw1048+1154
dw1048+13 dw1048+1259 PGC032348 UGC05923 dw1049+12a dw1049+15 Willman1 dw1049+12b
DDO087 LeG22 MRK1265 AGC740112 dw1050+1352 UGC05944 dw1050+1353 dw1050+1213
KK96 dw1050+1236 NGC3412 LSBC D640-11 dw1051+11 Dw1051+6416 NGC3413 LeG26
Dw1051+3617 AGC205540 KKH65 AGC205544 LV J1052+3628 UGC05983 AGC202456 LeG27
NGC3432 LV J1052+3639 KDG073 LeG28 UGC06014 Dw1053+1518 dw1055+11 LSBC D640-12
LSBC D640-13 HS1053+3624 ESO215-009 VV747 CGCG 095-078 LSBC D640-14 AGC205278 dw1059+11
NGC3489 Dw1100+1125 LeG33 LSBC D640-08 dw1101+11 KDG74 SMDG1103517+284120 SMDG1103+60
CGCG 066-109 Dw1104+0004 KKSG20 Dw1104+0005 MRK0036 LeoM UGC06145 NGC3521sat
NGC3521 KKSG22 Dw1106+1250 Dw1106-0052 dw1107-0038 NGC3521dwTBG Dw1108+5520 Dw1109+5447
dw1109-0016 dw1110+0037 SMDG1110+18 Dw1111+0049 NGC3556 Dw1111+1338 Dw1113+5541 DDO092
LeoII AGC215282 NGC3593 AGC202256 dw1114+1307 AGC740666 dw1116+5551 IC2684
dw1117+1250 dw1118+1330 NGC3621 dw1118+1233 dw1118+1348 NGC3623 AGC215286 AGC202257
AGC215354 dw1119+1404 Dw1119+1011 PGC034671 NGC3627 dw1120+1332 NGC3628 dw1120+1337
dw1121+1411 dw1121+1326 AGC213436 IC2782 dw1122+5515 KKH67 AGC215414 IC2787
IC2791 dw1123+1346 AGC215415 dw1125+1316 Dw1127+1346 UGC06456 UGC06451 AGC213091
KDG078 KKH68 LeoV HIPASS J1131-31 LeoIV HIPASS J1133-32 UGC06541 AGC215248
KKH69 NGC3738 NGC3741 Crater ESO320-014 [KK98] 108 UGC06757 KK109
DDO097 LV J1149+1715 Crater 2 HIZOA J1149-62 KKH73 DDO099 Grapes PGC3401153
AGC215145 ESO379-007 UGC06881 PGC4561602 KDG81 MCG +05-28-046 KDG082 Dw1155+78
NGC3990 LV J1157+56sat LV J1157+5638 LV J1158+1535 BTS76 ESO572-034 Dw1159+5554 Virgo I
KUG 1157+315 LV J1203+4739 LV J1203+3257 NGC4068 NGC4080 ESO379-024 IC2992 KUG 1202+286
[KK98]121 PGC4310323 LV J1205+2813 PGC4560429 MAPS1206+31 LV J1207+3133 UGC07131 NGC4136
MCG +06-27-017 NGC4144 IC3023 MADCASH-2 N4258dwC NGC4150 NGC4163 [KK98] 125
KK127 NGC4190 AGC732009 ESO321-014 UGC07242 Dw1214+2101 Dw1214+2945 VCC0114
KDG090 UGC7257 NGC4204 UGC07267 Dw1215+2041 UGC07271 NGC4214 MCG +09-20-131
LV J1215+4732 VCC0169 IC3077 M106edgeN4217 UGC07298 NGC4236 LV J1217+4703 UGC07320
NGC4244 NGC4242 LV J1217+3231 UGC7321 KKH78 NGC4248 LV J1218+4655 AGC229053
KDG098 PGC4555586 IC3104 BTS116 NGC4258 KK132 KDG101 PGC039646
KK133 KK134 KK135 d1219+4705 IC 779 PGC213976 VCC0381 PGC39764
[KKH2011]S11 NGC4288 KK136 CVnHI VCC0429 KUG 1218+387 d1220+4649 DDO120
PGC1853813 KDG104 Hydra II KDG105 SMDG1221+28 UGC7427 NGC4308 KK138
KKSG27 GR34 PGC4323538 VCC0565 KK141 PGC40195 IC3247 BTS132
BTS133 PGC5059199 N4258dwB UGC07485 Dw1224+3938 IC3308 Virgo III KK144
UGC07512 AGC749236 VCC0841 NGC4395 DDO123 UGCA281 IC3341 SBS 1224+533
ComaI DDO126 DDO125 UGC07584 KKH80 NGC4449 DDO127 UGC07596
UGC07605 NGC4455 DDO129 LV J1228+4358 NGC4460 KK149 Dw1229+0144 Dw1229+4109
UGC07639 UGC07636 Plume UGC07642 KK151 NGC4485 AGC229379 NGC4490
AGC724906 CGCG 014-054 MAPS1231+42 DDO131 UGC07678 Coma P UGC07690 AGC229089
dw1232+0015 NGC4517 UGC07699 DDO133 NGC4509 BTS142 KDG155 KK152
PGC041749 UGC7719 NGC4534 Dw1234+76 Dw1234+4116 UGC07748 dw1234-1142 dw1234-1238
KDG162 UGC7751 LV J1235-1104 dw1235-1216 dw1235-1155 Dw1235-0215 NGC4559 Dw1235+7050
UGC07774 VCC1675 dw1236-0025 IC3583 MAPS1236+33 Dw1237+3304 IC3591 dw1237-1006
dw1237-1125 AGC220847 KKSG29 Arp211 VCC1713 KKSG30 VCC1725 dw1238+0028
Dw1238+3337 AGC724993 KKSG31 dw1238-1122 UGCA292 dw1238-1043 dw1238-0035 dw1238-0105
KDG171 dw1239+3230 dw1239-1227 dw1239-1159 Dw1239+2827 N4594DW1 NGC4592 dw1239+3251
dw1239-1154 dw1239-1240 N4594-DGSAT-3 UGC07827 dw1239-1026 Sombrero DwA KKSG32 KDG177
NGC4594 NGC4605 AGC749241 dw1240-42 BTS146 SUCD1 KKSG33 dw1240-1118
KDG178 VCC1822 NGC4597 dw1240-1140 NGC4600 PGC4074723 Dw1240+3037 HSC-9
NGC 4631dw1 Dw1241+4103 dw1241-1131 SMDG1241+35 Sombrero DwB KKSG34 Dw1241-0427 dw1241-32
NGC4618 dw1241-1055 AGC224291 LV J1241+3251 dw1241-1234 NGC4625 NGC4627 NGC 4631dw2
NGC4631 N4625A IC3687 KDG187 HSC-10 dw1242-1116 dw1242-1309 PGC042730
NGC 4631dw3 dw1242-1107 dw1242-1010 PGC42772 dw1243-42b dw1243-42 BTS151 HSC-5
KDG192 LV J1243+4127 KK160 NGC4656 dw1244-1043 NGC4656UV dw1244-1246 [KK2000] 51
DDO143 dw1244-1135 UGCA294 ESO381-018 IC3718 dw1244-1238 dw1245-1041 UGC07929
[KK98]162 Dw1245+6158 SMDG1245+01 ESO381-020 AGC227970 VCC2033 dw1246-1240 VCC2037
dw1246-1108 UGCA298 UGC07950 dw1246-1142 DDO147 FGC1497 Dw1247-0824 HIPASS J1247-77
NGC4688 KK164 KKSG37 NGC4707 Dw1248-0915 DDO148 KK165 NGC4700
KK166 MAPS1249+44 LV J1249+2155 UGC07983 EVCC2232 SMDG1250+07 UGC07990 NGC4736
M94-Dw2 BTS157 KK167 IC3840 M94-HIn9 dw1251-40 dw1252-40 Dw1252-0904
dw1252+2215 dw1252-43 MKT J125225.4-124304.1 NGC4765 PGC3272767 KKSG38 KKSG39 DDO153
DDO154 UGC08030 PGC963198 ESO443-009 dw1255+40 KDG215 ESO219-010 AGC221126
KDG216 SMDG1256-00 UGC08061 NGC4826 CVnII dw1257-41 MCG-02-33-075 dw1258-37
GR8 HIPASS J1258-04 dw1258+2329 [KK98]175 NGC4861 Dw1259-1735 KK176 UGC08105
PGC1059300 dw1300+1843 dw1301-30 UGCA319 KK177 dw1302-40 dw1303+42 DDO161
ESO269-037 KK180 KK182 NGC4945 dw1305+41 KDG218 IC4182 dw1305+38
DDO165 dw1306-29 MCG -03-34-002 UGC08215 UGC08245 dw1308+40 MCG -04-31-038 ESO269-058
dw1310+4153 [KK2000] 53 Dw1311+4051 Dw1311+4317 dw1312-4244 NGC5023 NGC5055dwTBG1 dw1312-4218
dw1313-4246 KK189 CGCG 217-018 KKH82 dw1313+46 ESO269-066 NGC5011C DDO167
dw1313-4211 dw1313-4214 KK191 LV J1313+1003 UGC08313 dw1314-28 NGC5055dwTBG5 DDO168
Dw1315+4304 dw1315-4232 dw1315+4123 DDO169NW DDO169 KK193 dw1315-4309 NGC5055
dw1316-4224 CGCG 189-050 KK194 AGC239141 CenA-MM-Dw11 dw1318-21 dw1318-4233 Fluffy
NGC5068 CenA-MM-Dw5 AGC732602 dw1321-27 KK195 dw1321+4226 [KK2000] 54 KK196
NGC5102 KK197 dw1322-27 [KK2000] 55 dw1322-39 KK198 PGC725719 CenA-MM-Dw4
KV19-212 AM1320-230 dw1323-40b CenA-MM-Dw10 KK200 dw1323-40 KV19-271 NGC5128
dw1325-33 UCD320 UCD330 CenA-MM-Dw6 dw1326-37 CenA-MM-Dw7 KV19-329 dw1326-35
IC4247 dw1327+51 KK203 ESO324-024 PGC2229803 CVnI dw1328+4703 LV J1328+4937
dw1329-45 PGC170257 NGC5204 KV19-442 NGC5194 CenA-MM-Dw2 NGC5195 dw1330-34
dw1330-33 CenA-MM-Dw1 CenA-MM-Dw3 dw1330+4731 dw1330-38 UGC08508 dw1331-40 AGC238890
UGCA361 CenA-MM-Dw9 [KK98]206 KK207 CenA-MM-Dw8 NGC5206 NGC5229 NGC5238
ESO270-017 dw1335-29 UGCA365 KK208 dw1336-44 MCG +08-25-028 NGC5236 HIDEEP J1337-33
ESO444-084 HIPASS J1337-39 NGC5237 dw1337-41 dw1338+50 UGC08638 Dw1339+39 UGC08647
DDO181 NGC5253 IC4316 dw1340-30 dw1340+45 dw1341-33 NGC5264 dw1341-43
[KK2000] 57 Dw1341+4204 KK211 LV J1342+4840 DDO182 dw1342-43 dw1343+58 KK213
dw1343-34 ESO325-011 SMDG1345+33 [KK2000] 58 KK217 KK218 KK220 [KK2000] 59
Dw1348+6004 CenN HIPASS J1348-37 KK221 SMDG1349+04 ESO383-087 DDO183 dw1350+5441
HIPASS J1351-47 Dw1351+5014 HIZOA J1353-58 KDG229 KKH86 HolmIV UGC08833 GBT 1355+5439
dw1355+51 M101Dw9 KK227 dw1357-28 ESO384-016 BootesIII UGC08882 Dw1358+5255
BootesII BootesI NGC5398 dw1401-32 M101Dw10 M101-df3 MESSIER101 dw1403-33
NGC5408 M101-df1 M101dwD M101-df5 PGC2448110 NGC5474 M101dwC NGC5477
M101-df7 dw1406-29 M101-dwA KK230 M101Dw7 M101-df4 M101-df6 M101-df2
dw1408+56 M101dwB dw1409-33 Dw1409+5113 M101Dw11 dw1410-34 M101Dw14 dw1412+56
dw1413-34 CIRCINUS KKH87 dw1415-32 DDO187 Dw1416-0212 dw1416+57 KKR08
NGC5585 DDO190 PGC051659 Centaurus A-dE5 ESO222-010 DDO194 MRK0475 HIPASS J1441-62
ESO272-025 KKR11 dw1446+58 UGC09540 ESO273-014 Dw1459+44 ESO223-009 UGC09660
UMin ESO274-001 KKR18 HIPASS J1526-51 HIZOA J1528-52 UGC9893sat UGC09893 Dw1533+67
BootesIV UGC09992 Dw1559+46 PGC057323 KKR25 HIZOA J1616-55 ESO137-018 Hercules
Dw1645+46 KDG235 Dw1709+74 Draco Dw1735+57 HIPASS J1738-57 Milky Way IC4662
NGC6503 KK242 IC4710 NGC6684 Sag dSph ESO104-022 NGC6744dwTBGa [KK2000] 70
dw1907-6342 UGC11411 [KK2000] 71 NGC6744 Bedin I ESO104-044 [KK2000] 72 NGC6744dwTBGb
AM1909-615 HIZOAJ1914+10 NGC6789 Sag dIr IC4870 NGC6822 LV J1952+1428 Sgr II
Pavo KK246 IC4951 PGC408791 UGC11583 KK251 KK252 NGC6946
KKR55 DDO210 KKR56 Cepheus1 IC5052 KKR59 KKR60 PGC129680
Kim2 EZOA J2120+45 Segue 3 NGC7090 IC5152 Dw2215-4528 Dw2216-4539 Dw2217-4633
6dF J2218489-461303 IC5201 Dw2221-4608 ESO289-020 Dw2221-4607 ESO238-005 AM2220-460 Pegasus III
Dw2227-4623 And XXVIII Aquarius 2 DDO215 KK258 Tucana Tucana B Tucana 2
Grus 1 Lac I PiscesII AGC322463 NGC7462 ApplesI Pegasus V NGC7640
UGC12588 UGCA438 Cas dSph ESO347-017 Pegasus DDO217 IC5332 LV J2335-3713
NGC7713 UGC12713 Phoenix 2 PGC3192333 PGC680341 UGCA442 KKH98 ESO348-009
Peg dSph ESO149-003 And XXI Tucana III PAndAS-01 NGC7793 PAndAS-02 PGC704814
And XXIX              

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