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Context search

Development of the CATS, connected with the fast inreasing of data, direct our interests to the search systems to accelerate a search for information with keywords. Via Internet we have looked for a system of the fast index search GLobal IMPlicit SEarch adn its hypertext extension WebGlimpse (U. Manber et al., 1997). The tools of this public domain system are able to search during seconds for astrophysical information (sources and catalogs names, names of authors, etc. in different combinations) among files by the input context pattern and form a list of links in the hypertext style, comfortable for further operation. According to Manber et al. (1997) "with WebGlimpse there is no need to construct separate search pages, and no need to interrupt the users from their browsings. All pages remain unchanged except for the extra search capabilities. It is even possible for the search to efficiently cover remote pages linked from your pages (WebGlimpse will collect such remote pages to your disk and index them). Installation, customization (e.g., deciding which pages to collect and which ones to index), and maintenance are easy."

An entry to the WebGlimpse--system is organized in the CATS homepage.

Vladimir Chernenkov
Tue Jun 17 12:02:11 MSD 1997