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Vladimir N.Chernenkov

Ph.D., Senior Researcher of Informatics Laboratory

SAO , Nizhnii Arkhyz,
Zelenchukskii region,
Karachai-Cherkessian Republic,
Russia, 369167
+7 87822-93324*221, where (*) time pause = 2s.
+7 87878-46298 (fax)
Skype ID: vch_in_sao
PGP-public key fingerprint: C855 74A2 40FD 103E DD72 7D8F A169 0F46 D738 2056

  • My CV
  • Some ADS , WoS , E-library indexed publications updated
  • The References to my research on Automatic Data Acquisition Systems of the RATAN-600.
  • My patch of SExtractor (Emmanuel Bertin) for MMT.
  • RED -- Text editor (the legacy of A.Rudnev), V4.5 for SL6 Linux i386/x86_64 and Apple Mac OS X 10.x TAR gzipped binary.
  • vsh -- Visual file manager (very old initial relise was made of I.Chechik), V5.1 for SL6 Linux i386, x86_64 and Apple Mac OS X 10.x TAR gzipped binary.
  • Some snapshots made in the IX Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics. 1997.
  • I made the first version of HTML and the E-mail access to CATS Data Base updated for selection of Radio Sources; And the E-mail access to SED Data Base for Information System "Evolution of Radio Galaxies"
  • Project RBFR 11-07-00108 a: "The Development of web-services workflow for automatic coordinate calibration of direct images and cataloguing of detected objects " (in Russian) 2011.

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