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uClinux Directory
Kernel Archives


Deeply embedded linux article
News Embedded Control Europe are running an article on deeply embedded systems using uClinux. Check out the full text on how to get it all running on the PalmIIIx with the frame buffer and microwindows.

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How to get uCdot headlines and summaries via email
FAQ Want to keep track of what is happening on uCdot and would prefer notifications by email ? Here's how to do it.

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uClinux-2.5.43uc0 released
News gerg writes "One more bump in the 2.5 series. The latest uClinux patch set is against linux-2.5.43, and you can get the all-in-one patch here. Not a lot of really new stuff, quite a few little changes."

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ARM11 and ARM amputations
News angryman writes " 2 stories on the Register about ARM.

A story about job cuts at ARM and they have also announced the new ARM11."

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uClinux-2.5.42uc0 released
News gerg writes "The latest installment of uClinux patches for the linux 2.5 series is available now. You can get patches as linux-2.5.42uc0.patch.gz. Major cleanups in the now merged mm/mmnommu area. Happy hacking :-)"

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uClinux-2.5.41uc0 released
News gerg writes "The newest uClinux patch set for 2.5 series kernel is out now. You can get it at the usual place, file is linux-2.5.41uc0.patch.gz. Mucho chango in the mm area, with patches from Christoph Hellwig (kernel mailing list). More changes to come :-)"

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RTLInux, RTAI and ARM compilers
News A couple of interesting stories on LinuxDevices. A comparision of RTLinux and RTAI and another on the new Green Hills ARM compiler which produces smaller faster code.

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Tools for testing uclinux ?
Question Preethi writes "Dear all, If uClinux is ported to a new processor are there any tools available to test the functionality of the whole kernel or do we have to make our own ? Regards, Preethi"

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How to load a new image file into the uCdimm
FAQ Usually, Arcturus Networks ships a fresh uCdimm with a 2.0.38-something kernel pre-installed. Since we all want to use the current 2.4.x linux kernel (don't we?) and the elf tools together with the uClibc, the need to know how to download a new image file to the uCdimm is required.

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Alan Cox merges 2.5 uClinux patches
News gerg writes "Alan Cox has merged the linux-2.5.40uc0 uClinux patches into his 2.5 series patches, linux-2.5.40-ac1! See his announcement on the linux kernel mailing list. We are one step closer to being part of mainline Linux :-)"

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Getting started with uClinux
Malloc under uClinux
eXecute In Place
Using Flash Memory with uClinux

The biggest barrier to using uClinux is
the Documentation (or lack of)
I must develop using Windows/...
my target isn't supported
the lack of a good IDE
not enough apps are ported
the RAM/ROM requirements
I need good real-time support
I cannot answer the question without an NDA
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