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Load macro files on demand


Ever wished your NEdit would start as fast as it did before you added all those macros? Did you want to be able to give users a particular search path for them to pick up their (perhaps preset) macro files? You've got a macro which depends on another, but you can't remember whether you've already loaded it?

Help is on its way!

The macros supplied here (in a file I've called NEDIT_LOADED.nm) try to answer these problems, rather in the manner of the #import directive in Objective-C, or the require keyword in Perl. What you do is load the NEDIT_LOADED.nm file using the one-line .neditmacro file:

After that, wherever you have a macro which depends on another defined in a file, call
to load it. NEDIT_require_macro_file() will search a path defined by the ":" or " " separated environment variable called $NEDIT_MACRO_SEARCH_PATH if the name supplied to it does not give an absolute path to the file. You can call it inside another macro file (for example, in my macro files, I add
for the array handling routines), or at the start of a macro defined in NEdit's macro dialogs (I do this for my .shtml definitions, for example:
where html_add_markup_brackets() is defined in the file html.nm somewhere on the $NEDIT_MACRO_SEARCH_PATH).

Since NEDIT_require_macro_file() does a quick check (a search in a global string) before loading a file, it will only load that file once.

Another useful function is the NEDIT_find_file_in_pathlist() which looks for a file of a given name in the given (newline-separated) path list. Based on Rusty Ballinger's include file search and open functions, this can be used in other contexts.

A word of warning: if NEDIT_LOADED.nm cannot be found on the $NEDIT_MACRO_SEARCH_PATH, you'll get a warning dialog.

... And if you use VMS, I'm afraid you'll have to rewrite these calls... sorry.


. Released on  Wed, 21 Nov 2001  by C. Denat  

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