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Handle tag files with multiple definitions


To be able to handle tag files with multiple definitions for a symbol, I decided to do the whole thing in macros, and it works quite well. A multiple choice dialog box allows the user to choose the definition line from the tags file which applies; the macro then opens it up.

Using these macros also allows a simple find jump history: essentially a position stack is managed (as a string) - the entries (lines) in the string are handled as tag entries. The whole thing works quite well.

I use the background menu for all this stuff generally, but I have also defined the Ctrl+] key as a call to multitags_choose_quick() - after having become used to it in vi.

The macros use other macro files:

NEDIT_LOADED.nm - for file detection and macro file inclusion.
element.nm - for handling strings as if they were arrays (usually of lines).
multichoice.nm - for the multiple choice dialogs.

Although I have implemented a Return to previous macro, I have not implemented a Goto to next in history list macro, for people who want to go backwards and forwards through their find jump history.

My only worry is that overuse of the find jump history will create an overgrown stack, or seriously impact memory.


There is also a .nedit extract, multitags_extract, which calls these macros.


. Released on  Wed, 21 Nov 2001  by C. Denat  

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