Prime Focus Echelle- Spectrometer (PFES)

The echelle spectrometer PFES is designed by the SSLab and used at the prime focus of the 6m telescope BTA. This spectrometer equipped with a CCD 1040x1160 pixels developed by the ADL SAO.
PFES provides a moderate spectral resolution (about R=15000) inside large spectral region.

The optical layout of PFES is presented here .

The description of PFES (Postscript file, in Russian) is applied.

Besides, some details about this spectral device you can see in the paper by Panchuk V.E. Najdenov I.D., Klochkova V.G. et al. High resolution spectroscopy of faint objects at the 6m telescope. Bull Spec. Astrophys. Observ. 1998. v.44.

For consultations or other requests, please, contact with Panchuk Vladimir:

Selected spectra we derived with the PFES:

The spectrum of the protoplanetary candidate IRAS04296+3429 (G0Ia, V=14.3)

Main parameters of the echelle-spectrometer PFES were improved due to over 1998 its optical layout was essentially modified. It permits us, in particular, to obtain spectra inside the blue spectral region, up to 3900 A. For example, recently we obesrved in this region the peculiar star MWC 162 from the programme of A.Miroshnichenko (Pulkovo Observatory).

The spectrum of the fast evolving star FG Sge in the deep minimum (1998, June; V=15) we derived with the upgraded PFES.