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Database "Stellar Spectra"
This work has financial support from RFBR.
Project 95-07-19306,
P.I. - Dr.Sci. Panchuk V.E.

Database "Stellar Spectra" consists of following main units:
  • ARCHIVE of two-dimensional CCD-frames

    obtained with various modifications of high resolution echelle-spectrometers at the 6-m telescope. The main bulk of spectra were derived with the echelle-spectrometer LYNX.

    The conception of designing of archives of observing data at SAO was elaborated and realyzed by Kononov V.K. For more details see: Kononov V.K. Archiving of observational data derived with telescopes RATAN-600 and BTA. Ph.D. Dissertation. 1996.

    The principles and results of archiving of observations with echelle-spectrometers of the 6-m telescope BTA were described by Kononov V.K., Klochkova V.G. and Panchuk V.E. in the Preprint Spec. Astrophys. Observ., N 115T, 1996.

    As an example of CCD echelle-spectra we present here the spectrum of the symbiotic star MWC 560, which has been derived on 13.Dec.1995 by Klochkova V. and Panchuk G. with the LYNX + CCD1000 in the wavelengths range 4715-6860 AA. The exposure time was equal to 3200 sec.

  • SOFTWARE for image processing

    For image processing we use the context ECHELLE of the ESO-MIDAS.

    Some convinient .prg files fitted the optical layout of the echelle-spectrometer LYNX were designed by Mal'kova Galina.

  • ARCHIVE of one-dimensional spectra extracted from two-dimensional CCD echelle-frames

    At present this archive has a size approximately 52Mb (compressed form) and includes high-quality spectral data dor numerous stars of different types (subdwarfs, cepheids, RVTau type stars, symbiotic stars, classical and peculiar supergiants, stars inside globular and open clusters, lambda Boo type stars, etc) obtained by SSLab at the 6-meter telescope with the echelle-spectrometers ESPAC, LYNX, PFES during 1991-1997.

  • SOFTWARE for spectrophotometric and positional reduction of one dimensional spectra.

    This software oriented on a PC was created by G.Galazutdinov. For detail see: Galazutdinov G. Echelle spectra processing package. Preprint Special Astrophys. Observ., N92, 1992.

    It is most significant that this system is constantly being updated and improved by the author.

  • Representative SPECTRAL ATLASES of typical stars at different stages of evolution

    Recently the spectral atlas for two peculiar high luminous stars IRC+10420 and MWC314 was published by Chentsov E., Klochkova V. and Tavolganskaya N. Bull.SAO. 1999, v.48, p.25.

    Using the spectra obtained at BTA in combination with high resolution echelle-spectrometers LYNX and PFES , Chentsov E.L., Klochkova V.G. and Panchuk V.E. prepare now the next spectral atlas. To compare here will be presented in parallel the spectra of two faint peculiar stars: IRC+10420 and MWC314.

  • The CATALOGUE of equivalent widths in spectra of F-K stars developed by Klochkova V.G., Panchuk V.E. and Tavolganskaya N.S.

    Current version of this Catalogue includes the following parameters for 57 stars: stellar magnitude V, MK-classification, effective temperature Teff, surface gravity log g, equivalent widths W derived from high resolution, high signal to noise ratio CCD-spectra mainly obtained with echelle-spectrometers of the 6 m telescope.

    Besides, the 6 m telescope data are being added by the high quality spectroscopic data published for 140 related objects.

    The Catalogue is being added by new observing data.

  • SOFTWARE for analysis of observing data by the model atmosphere method.

    This unit includes the well known programmes WIDTH6, WIDTH9 (modified for PC by Tsymbal V.) and some grids of models of stellar atmospheres calculated by Bell, Gustaffson (1976), Kurucz (1979), Kurucz (1993).

    There are also some service packages, for example, STARSP prepared by Tsymbal (ASP Conf Ser., 1996, v.108, p.198.)

  • The CATALOGUE of spectral photoplates obtained at the Main Stellar Spectrograph of the 6m telescope.

    We prepare the list of spectral photoplates obtained in the course of several large observing projects which were fulfilled at the Main Stellar Spectrograph of the 6m telescope in 1978-1985.

Last updated Feb. 19, 2004.