Interferometer Fabry-Perot

( IFP produced by Queensgate Instruments Inc.)
Interferometer Fabry Perot is a powerful device for investigation of the extended emission objects. It capable of obtained two-dimensional spectra of objects in Our Galaxy (HII-regions, Herbig-Haro objects, SNR's ) and other galaxies with spectral resolution R=3000-10000. Spatial resolution is about 1.5-3 arcsec and limited of the seeing during the observation. In special case image deconvolution methods may be using for increasing of the spatial resolution to 0.3-0.5 arcsec. The uncertainty of the velocity measurements depends mostly on calibration errors and has value about 3-8 km/s on the average.

The desired spectral range is cut out with the aid of interference filters with a FWHM=10-15 A, placed in the filter wheel near the focal plane.

For SCORPIO-IFP data reduction see:
  • " Reduction of the CCD-observations with scanning interferometer Fabry-Perot" (A.V.Moiseev):
    In Russian: SAO preprint, 2002, N 166 PS-file
    In English: Bull. SAO, 54 PS-file
  • ADHOC software (J.Boulesteix )
The device has been developed jointly by SAO and the Interferometry Laboratory (Dr.J.Boulesteix) of the Marseille Observatory (France). We use the piezo-tuned scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer, produce by Queensgate Instruments.

Equipment status: guiest equipment. All observation performed with IFP are under supervision and in collaboration with staff of Laboratory of Spectroscopy and photometry of extragalactic objects.

Laboratory Head: Dr. S.N. Dodonov,

IFP responsible astronomer: A.V. Moiseev