Neutral Hydrogen distribution around Super Nova Remnants

The 99 files presented here contain 21 cm HI emission contours around 98 Super Nova Remnants (SNR) in the - V coordinates. These contours were obtained with North and South sectors of the RATAN-600 radio telescope [1] with one dimensional resolution of 2' and with equipment of Secondary Mirror N2 [2, 3]. SNR's were selected mainly from the List of Green (2001) [4] and from some other papers with angular diameters more than 10' and morphological type in continuum emission - S (shell).
Four files each contain two objects (these objects have near declinations). Four objects have two or three files because these objects have large diameters. Besides four SNR's with exeptionally high angular diameters (Cygnus Loop, SNR near Cyg, S 147 and HB3) were reduced and published separately [5, 6, 7, 8].
Each picture was obtained as the result of averaging of three observations with velocity band of 6.3 km/s and r.m.s. of antenna temperature fluctuations of 0.2 K. Antenna temperature scale is presented from the left on each picture. Transition to the brightness temperature and calibration procedure are described in the paper [9]. Spectrometer channel numbers are indicated from the left near each curve and LSR velocities are indicated from the right.
In the process of data reduction the extended HI emission background was substructed from each curve. This background may contain from:

  • a) unresolved details,
  • b) emission of structureless medium,
  • c) large scale HI structures and
  • d) stray radiation in the antenna.
The thick vertical lines denote each SNR in the continuum radio emission from the summary of Trushkin [10 ].

Catalogue of HI_SNR

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