Interaction of the Supernova Remnant S 147
with the Ambient Interstellar Gas
( 2002 )


Based on RATAN-600 21-cm HI line observations with an angular resolution of 2.4', we study the neutral-hydrogen distribution in the region of the supernova remnant ( SNR ) S 147 ( G180.0-1.7 ).
We detected a rotating shell of neutral gas immediately adjacent to the SNR that expands at a velocity of 20 km/s. The HI shell is less distinct in the southeastern part and at negative radial velocities. The outer shell diameter is 90 pc; the HI mass in the shell is 2.2x104M of the Sun.
These data allowed us to estimate the SNR age, 6.5x105 yr, and the initial explosion energy, 2.2x1051 erg. (2002, MAIK "Nauka/Interperiodica").


Figure 1. The distribution of HI emission features in the vicinity of S 147 after the subtraction of the extended background. The radial velocities are given relative to the Local Standard of Rest; the declination is indicated at the top. The antenna temperature scale is given on the left. The thin lines schematically indicate the H I shell around the SNR. The thick vertical lines mark the SNR radio center in right ascension.
Figure 2. The distribution of HI emission features, as constructed from the survey data by Westerhout and Wendlandt ( 1982 ). The drift curve in l-V coordinates at the Galactic latitude b = -1.5 dg. is shown. The extended background of the H I emission was subtracted; the thin lines trace the shell structure.