Principal scientific results

I have carried out the long-slit survey of redshifts and rotational curves of edge-on galaxies at the 6m telescope of Special Astrophysical Observatory. Spectra of about 300 galaxies were obtained. The median radial velocity of the studied galaxies is 7800 km/s. Together with other observations (total ~1000 galaxies) a homogeneous sample of edge-on galaxies uniformly distributed over the entire sky was created and the velocity field of galaxies on scale of 100 Mpc was analysed.

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I have observed a sample of nearby dwarf galaxy candidates of low surface brightness from the list of Karachentsevs. The redshifts for more than 100 objects were obtained. About 45% of them turn out to be nearby galaxies with radial velocities <600 km/s.

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I'm participating in analysis of data from HST snap-short survey of nearby galaxies (GO-8192 and GO-8601, PI is P.Seitzer). The aim of the survey is determination of the high precision distances to the complete sample of nearby dwarf galaxies. Based on the velocity and distance data for 36 nearest galaxies around the Local Group, we derived the total mass of the Group to be 1.3*10^12Msun (2001,Astrophysics,44,1; 2002,A&A,389,812). The local Hubble flow seems to be very cold, having a one- dimensional rms motion of ~30 km/s. The found random velocities put limits on parameters of cosmological models.
We found also an anisotropic expansion of nearby galaxies on scale ~8Mpc. The velocity field is estimated using the tensor of the local value of the Hubble constant, with principal values of 81:62:48 in km/sec/Mpc. The major axis of the Hubble ellipsoid forms an angle ~30deg with the direction towards the center of the Virgo Cluster, although it lies into a plane of the Local Supercluster. Such a configuration of the peculiar- velocity field shows unsatisfactory agreement with the model of a spherically symmetric flow of galaxies around the Virgo Cluster (2001,Astrophysics,44,1). In the paper (1996,AJ,111,794) I investigate behaviour of sun apex relatively to nearby galaxies.

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