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Iron abundance in the atmospheres of components of the binary system 41 Draconis
Balega, Yu. Yu.; Leushin, V. V.; Weigelt, G.
Bulletin of the Special Astrophysical Observatory. Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg. (Izvestiya Spetsial'noi Astrofizicheskoi Observatorii) (ISSN 0320-9318), Vol. 55, p. 5 - 17 (2003)
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Stars: Binaries, Stars: Atmospheres, Stars: Abundances
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Iron abundances, FeI and FeII lines equivalent widths, and microturbulence velocities were found for the components of a highly eccentric spectroscopic and interferometric binary system 41 Dra from high resolution spectra obtained close to the periastron. Weighted mean values of iron abundances in the atmospheres are lgN(Fe) = 7.66 0.03 and lgN(Fe) = 7.72 0.03 for the component a and b, correspondingly. These values are approximately 0.2 dex higher than the solar iron abundance. The flux ratio, measured from the depths of FeI and FeII lines, Eb/Ea = 0.7, is in agreement with the magnitude difference 0.m41 found recently by speckle interferometry. It is supposed that the weaker companion of the binary has slightly higher effective temperature.
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